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Thread: windows classic theme won't load

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    windows classic theme won't load

    I am having problem with Windows XP themes. It is not working fine. Recently I had installed some customization tools that allows me to modify the icons and other stuff in Windows XP. But now I had removed that software and planned to change the theme to classic as the system was working slow. But it is not taking into affect. The theme is still stucked on the existing theme and not giving out any better output.

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    RE: windows classic theme won't load

    Looks like corrupt user profile. Just create a new account and then test back. The problem that you are facing is due to improper user profile. I will advice you to create a new user profile and then use that to change the theme. Create a new account will full privileges and then delete the old one. I am sure that will fix the issue. If nothing works then the only option remains in the end is to run a repair XP setup.

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    RE: windows classic theme won't load

    Try system restore. I am sure that will be more easier. You can simply run system restore to an older date and then test back. I am sure that wil lbe enough to fix the problem you are facing. It happens that due to some constant customization you face problem with the theming files. They got damaged. So by running system restore you can simply restore your old settings back as it was before. That will be quiet more helpful.

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    Re: windows classic theme won't load

    Add the customization tool back in your pc. Restore your settings through that. Corrupt user profile can be a issue behind the problem you are facing. But it also appear if your had improperly removed the customization pack and there are some pending files left in the system. So just install it back and then wipe it out again by restoring your old settings back. If things work fine you will be able to use the classic them back.

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    Re: windows classic theme won't load

    I am having a option that can help you to fix the problem. But if that does not work then you will need to run a repair setup of windows. For that click on Start > Run and in that type msconfig. In that go in services and check that themes is enabled or not. If it is not ticked then whatever changes you are trying to do will not work. Just tick it and reboot your system. That's all. That will be enough to fix the problem you are facing. But if this does not work then just install XP back.

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    Fresh install of Windows XP, legitimate copy, activates, no problem. Install SP3.

    No problem, works great.

    Normal shutdown last night

    Fire up this morning, all display stuff is reset. Can get everything as normal except Windows Classic Theme.

    Cannot load, Unspecified error !!

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