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Thread: ByPass Administrator rights to install hardware

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    ByPass Administrator rights to install hardware

    i wanted to install a scanner in my friend's laptop... it was a company provided laptop running xp pro and he had no administrator rights...
    is there any way to install the device w/o admin rights???
    and is it possible to do it w/o causing permanent damage like

    (i) loss or change of admin pass word
    (ii) removal of admin account and/or files
    (iii) change of os

    have i exhausted all possiblilties???

    even if you may not have all the answers please take some time to discuss mine or relate a similar problem...

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    Re: ByPass Administrator rights to install hardware

    You should use ophcrack it cracks all the passwords on the computer, fist download ophcrack (LIVE CD) now you have two options you can install it on to a usb with a universal linux installer (ophcrack is based on linux spider) or burn it to a CD/DVD, I prefer the usb because it is more portable, but if you want it a bit simpler you can just install it to a disk but heres a link to a linux usb installer if you want the usb <> its pretty simple. once you've done one of these you are ready. So once installed you reboot the system of the computer you want to get on to and you go to the BIOS (boot menu) by pressing (Esc) upon start up then you select the device that you installed the program on and there will be a few options (the fastest is txt mode) it will take around seconds to 5 min then it will give you a list of all the cracked passwords write them down then just turn off the computer and log back on and side click on the program you want to install and click (Run As Administrator) and it will let you install the program with out changing or damiging anything on your system. Hope this helped.

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    Re: ByPass Administrator rights to install hardware

    ophcrack is far more complicated than that.
    you need to load your hashes using pwdump, blahblahblah
    just look up tutorials for using ophcrack beforehand.

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