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Thread: Spider Solitaire always open in full screen

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    Spider Solitaire always open in full screen

    Whenever I start Spider Solitaire it opens in full screen mode. I had not applied any settings here. I cannot find that under options. How can I disable the full screen mode. It is really annoying. When I press the x tab on the top bard it minimizes. And when I restore it, it gain goes back in full screen. I cannot adjust the screen size. The same was possible before and also it was working fine. How can I restore the old settings back.

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    I am also having the same issue. It looks some settings is causing it launch in full screen. I am here trying to drag the window and set the window size of my choice. But it is not working. I checked everywhere, but there is no option available to fix the window size. It can be a bug also. Because it has gone on full screen mode on its own. I did nothing here.

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    You can fix that through properties section I think. When you minimize it, the game lies on the task bar. On that you can right click and choose restore. It will give the default size back. But if this is also not working then again right click on it and select size. You can then use your mouse to configure the window size.

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