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Thread: Getting "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions" ms

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    Getting "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions" ms

    I am getting a new error message on my pc. I was trying to remove some themes here. The error that I am getting is This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator. It is constant when I click on anything. The system was working well and I do not think a small theme can create such a big mess. I tried to scan my pc. I am having Kaspersky 7 and it detected nothing. How to find the cause of this error.

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    Re: Getting "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions" ms

    Looks like a malware issue to me. You will need to scan your pc under safe mode and then test it back. Just boot in safe mode and scan your system and see what you get. If nothing is detected then in Safe mode get rid of any recent application installed. Just remove the same and then test back. You can also try running system restore. It is another easy way to restore or put your old settings back. While if nothing works out then go in Event Viewer and post the complete error log here.

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    The issue can be due to some virus program in your pc. A number of time virus remains undetected. That is why it is recommended to scan in safe mode. To scan your system more properly you can download a bootable scanner. And then run the same. I am sure it will work fine. But if nothing works then the last option remains is to run a repair setup of Windows. I am sure that is quiet helpful to some extent.

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