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Thread: System Restore to Factory Settings - Windows XP

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    System Restore to Factory Settings - Windows XP

    Somehow my internet stopped working. I am having tons of pending emails in my inbox. I am not able to connect. I had contacted my ISP for the problem. He said to run system restore. According to him everything is fine from his side by my pc is not able to connect to internet. I am not able to find the cause here. I tried to check the manual settings but still it fails to work. It is getting complicated now. I am planing to run factory restore here so that I can get my old settings back.

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    RE: System Restore to Factory Settings - Windows XP

    You will not get your old settings back after running factory restore. You can simply get your system performance improved. Factory restore is same like formatting your pc. It is essential that you must use system restore first. There are chances that the internal settings are messed up by some virus application. Did you scan your pc with antivirus. Do that in safe mode. Try to disable your firewall for sometime and check back.

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    Factory settings is not the easy way to get your internet working. You will loose everything. It is essential that you take data backup first and then check back. I am sure it will he more helpful. So just in case if there is a problem you can simply keep your data secure. Then you can scan your drive for virus and other kind of infection. It will work more properly.

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