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    This is Dell Desktop running on Windows XP Home. I bought this a year ago and came pre-installed with Windows. So they dint provided any CD with the system. Now the problem am facing is I need to install a particular Windows Component during which system is asking for a file named “accserv.mib”. As I said I don’t have the CD, I wanted to know where else can I find this file?

    Somebody please help, its very urgent.

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    RE: accserv.mib

    I think the file should be already present on your system probably in C:\Windows\System32 folder. Or it will be in this Directory (\i386): c:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\accserv.mib

    If you dont find the file then simply go to Dell Support and download the CD ISO. They will charge you for the same. But if your system is still under Warranty you can request them to give it for free.

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