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Thread: Windows XP themes

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    Windows XP themes

    I am right now using the Zume theme on Windows XP computer. I have also got many themes that comes for free with the operating system, while some of them dont come, unless you download them on your MCE edition of Windows XP. Now, my question is that is there any other themes available for download? If anyone knows about it then please let me know? Thanks.

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    RE: Windows XP themes

    Have you tried going to the microsoft website and checked out the microsofts plus for XP, it has for extra themes and related items as well.

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    Re: Windows XP themes

    Thanks but when I checked for the Microsoft Plus ! pack for Windows XP then it was discontinued. Any other suggestions?

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    I was already using the Microsoft Plus and that just adds sub-themes to the olive green and silver themes. Anyways, you can try to google for the different XP themes but always get the trusted ones as most of the others might be spyware/malware type.

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    You can download the Zune Theme from this link - Now to change the visual effects, follow the below method:

    1. First of all click Start, click Run, and then type sysdm.cpl in the Open box.
    2. After that click the Advanced tab, and then under Performance, click Settings.
    3. Now you have to click the Visual Effects tab, and then use one of the following methods:
      Click Adjust for best performance to have Windows automatically adjust the settings for best performance.
      Click Adjust for best appearance to have Windows automatically adjust the settings for best appearance.
      Click Custom, and then select the check boxes for those items that you want to turn on. Clear the check boxes for the items that you want to turn off.

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