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Thread: Windows Defender Update error 0x80040111

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    Windows Defender Update error 0x80040111

    If I am trying to get Windows Defender to update then I am getting an error code: 0x80040111 and the popup in the right lower corner said that the program is not able to check for updates, even though the laptop that I have both run via the same hub, except the laptop is wireless. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Windows Defender Update error 0x80040111

    Have you tried to uninstall Defender and then go to Microsoft's web site to re-download it. This should fix the modules of the Defender.

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    Re: Windows Defender Update error 0x80040111

    You can try to follow the below steps to solve this issue:

    How to troubleshoot definition update issues for Windows Defender

    How to manually download the latest definition updates for Windows Defender

    Troubleshooting Windows Defender

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    Re: Windows Defender Update error 0x80040111

    I tried everything but that didnt work for me. I tried to uninstall and then install, have also tried to uninstall, restarted and then installed, and have also done a uninstall ran regclean, and then restarted then installed but it didnt work.

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    Try to follow the below link for the article "Issues installing updates after repairing XP":

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    You can try to contact Microsoft for support. I believe there is a no-charge support for Windows Update issues. Or you may want to try another Repair install then try the following article after the repair install.

    Issues installing updates after repairing XP

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