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Thread: Restoring Deleted User Profiles

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    Elemental Guest
    I'm hoping there's still a chance to recover from this although all signs
    point to "no way Jose" but hope springs eternal...

    Here's what was done:

    After creating a new User, the old User was deleted and here's how

    Right clicked on "My Computer"
    Clicked on the "Advance" tab
    Then clicked on the "Settings" for the "User Profiles"
    Selected the Old user name and deleted it.

    Of course, all was deleted from the profile; Ive tried the restore to
    previous date in the hopes of well you know, and nothing.

    So, now to my question:
    Is there anyway to restore the users data; pictures, documents, etc, via
    the DOS prompt or are there any programs that can do this?

    Any Help would be appreciated.

    Never mind, I should have searched before posting; I apologize.

    If he clicked on delete twice , then as far as I know , everything is
    gone .

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    Im New 2 This And I Dont Know How To Post Messages But I Need Some Help
    My Brother Deleted My User Account On The Computer And It Had All My Music Downloads On It All He Did Was Go 2 Control Panel ,user Accounts,then He Clicked On My Account And Deleted It
    I Want 2 Know Is There Anyone Here Who Knows If I Can Restore The Account Or Atleast Retrieve The Music Files From The Deleted Account 2 A Newly Created Account Someone Please Help Me

    Same problem here, i deleted two windows xp account and now i'm facing problem coz almost all of my major files are there.

    YES, but it is not accessible, if i click that folder, popup message will come and it says "access denied"

    how can i restore or open that folders?

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    John John Guest
    Are your user folders still there? Where were you storing your files?
    Were you using the default "C:\Documents and Settings\Your UserName"
    folders? You can delete accounts without deleting the user files, you
    have to look on your hard drive to see if the files are still there,
    only you can do that, we don't know if the files were deleted or not
    when the account was deleted. If the files were also deleted with the
    account then you will have to use file recovery software to try to get
    your files back.

    Take ownership of the files and folders.

    How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

    Did you even bother to actually read the replies in the thread you hijacked?

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    Durga@forum Guest

    Re: Restoring Deleted User Profiles

    Just do one thing, Log in through Administrator and go to the location C:\Documents and Settings\User Profile Name and if you can see the user profile there then you will get all the files saved there as it is because on deleting user profile the account deletes not the data's stored in the machine.

    You will not get any "access denied" message as you have logged in as Administrator.

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    i cant find the user profile which i have deleted in c:/doumensts and settings.
    i by mistakely deleted the profile the same way as Elemental has done... i really want to recover the deleted profile.. please help me.

    see.i am new here.. i don't understand even properly how to go about.. i just posted the difficulty i had.. i request for a solution.. i regret for any mistakes.. i read the replies.. but it didn't help i cant find my profile anywhere..

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    Jean_king45 Guest

    Re: Restoring Deleted User Profiles

    Here are some simple steps that you can follow

    Good Luck
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    Re: Restoring Deleted User Profiles

    how to restore deleted old user name

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    Re: Restoring Deleted User Profiles

    Quote Originally Posted by maun View Post
    how to restore deleted old user name
    Have you tried to perform a system restore? Which operating system have you installed in your pc? You can find the System Restore utility on the All Programs then Accessories and then System Tools menu. Once System Restore finishes, it will restart the system. When it does, you can attempt to log on using your original user account.

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