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Thread: Unknown Programs - i.e. "BufferChm" from Add or Remove Programs

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    Re: Unknown Programs - i.e. "BufferChm" from Add or Remove Programs

    I had installed a speed up utility on my pc. I got a popup that my pc is working extremely slow. So I installed a tune up software to improve the speed. But that did nothing. Instead of making it faster my system is now much more slower. I am getting a a huge list of bufferchm in add remove program. I removed them and restarted the pc but it appears back again. I think this is some kind of virus. How to completely get rid of it.

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    Re: Unknown Programs - i.e. "BufferChm" from Add or Remove Programs

    That is not a threat. It is JAVA update. If you are using a very old edition of JAVA then you get that in add remove program. Just perform fresh java update and then check back. I am sure it will help you to get rid of this thing. And if you think that your system is infected just scan your pc in safe mode. That will do the job. Keep on scanning a number of time until all threats are wiped out. You can use some good antivirus like Norton.

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    You must never install those fake tuneup utilities. They are loaded with adware. It create issue later on. And it is also not very easy to remove. It is essential that you must scan your pc properly with a good antivirus and if nothing works then the only last option remains is to format your pc and install windows again. Always keep a good registry cleaner in your pc for improving the performance.

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