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Thread: Windows failed to load user profile.

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    Windows failed to load user profile.

    I’m a having a Windows XP computer with good gaming configurations as I love to play games. Yesterday I bought Battlefield 1942, installed on this system without any errors. When I launched the game and played it for about 10 minutes my system got freeze suddenly and after a minute in freezing mode it restarted itself. Well that was very annoying.

    When I came back to Welcome screen and I inserted my login ID/password, I received an error message saying: “Windows encountered an error loading your user profile. The file is either missing or corrupted. Use this temporary one.”

    Can anyone please tell me why system is behaving such weird suddenly and how can I fix it?

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    Re: Windows failed to load user profile.

    Well you are not the First one to get this problem. Anyways, the error occurs when your system profile gets damaged due to some reason. Microsoft has provided a KB article describing this issue with solution. You should check and apply the fix provided there:

    "Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted" error message when you try to log on to Windows XP

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