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Thread: Webcam video freezes after start of video session

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    Webcam video freezes after start of video session

    I am facing issue with video chat here. I am using Yahoo and Live Messenger here. First I was using yahoo. When started a video chat it freezes for sometime. I restarted the pc and tested it again. The problem was same. Later on I switched to Windows Live Messenger and the same problem appear. It looks like video chat is not working well on my system. The system is freezing when I try to do the same. I am using a Logitech Webcam. There is no error at all.

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    Re: Webcam video freezes after start of video session

    Looks like some kind of issue with the webcam. Try to re-install the same and then check back. It is essential that you must simply remove it first and then install it with fresh drivers. Try to find the latest drivers or else it might not work well. You can find the drivers through windows update. And with some web cam software first test it. If it is still freezing then it is a hardware failure.

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