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Thread: no cursor in password box at login screen

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    no cursor in password box at login screen

    I do not know whether it is a problem or not but when I boot on the login screen I cannot see the cursor for typing. I am using tab to enter the log screen and able to type password. But the mouse is simply not visible. I changed the mouse port also. But still the problem remain intact. I am not able to understand what issue lies here. The mouse works well on the desktop once logged in.

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    Re: no cursor in password box at login screen

    I think the issue lies with Windows Update. I too got the same kind of issues. When I came on the login screen the mouse cursor is simply not visible. First I thought the problem lies with the driver so updated the same but that did not worked. The cursor appear when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del. But in the regular login screen it is just not visible. This can be some kind of bug with Windows XP itself.

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    Re: no cursor in password box at login screen

    That is really weird. It is not a problem but some kind of bug. Atleast you are able to use it through tab. So that is not a big problem. You can ignore it. The most you can do is run system restore. That will be more helpful I think. When you run system restore you can simply get old settings back. That is the most easiest and best way to fix the problem you are facing. Just run system restore and check back what output you are getting.

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    Re: no cursor in password box at login screen

    Update your system and then check back. I think the problem lies with driver. Your mouse is not detected until your system is completely on that is why you are unable to see the cursor. Go in bios and see whether usb mouse is enabled or not. If it is not then this kind of issue is normal. You can through device manager re-install the mouse and see. Are you able to see the mouse when you are windows lock screen.

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    Same Problem

    I have two PCs running XP (one for me, one for the kids). My machine has NEVER had this problem. My kids PC has this exact same problem almost every time they try to log on. I have all the latest updates installed but I continue to have the problem. Since it sounds like many people have (or have had) this problem, has anyone found the root cause?

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