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Thread: File name you specified not valid or too long

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    File name you specified not valid or too long

    Hope this is not just me with the said error. I am running OEM Windows XP Pro on my MSI laptop. There are very few old folders on my D drive which is eating my space unnecessarily. So I decided to delete them all. But when I try to do the same, system gives me an error saying “File name you specified is not valid or too long”.

    No matter if i am deleting it with keyboard keys or by right clicking on the same, error flashes every time even after restarting the laptop several times. Another problem occurs is it wont allow me to copy those folders as well through the file name is less than 250 characters. Any idea to fix it ?

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    Re: File name you specified not valid or too long


    I think you should refer to this KB article, it may help (see Cause 4)

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    The maximum file path for XP is 231 characters and any file with file path longer than that will cause many problems.

    I had problem copy these files until I found CanCopy utility.
    It copies those files without any problem.

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    Re: File name you specified not valid or too long


    After dealing with this problem for over a year and having every program on the market fail to resolve it I tried the following and found a solution ...

    1. Open Windows Explorer
    2. Navigate to the folder where the file in question is located.
    3. Expand every subfolder --- as far down the line as you can. (Do this by clicking the plus sign (+) in front of the file name.
    4. One by one, rename each folder to a single letter or number, like "1" or "A"
    5. When you rename the bottom folder, the plus sign will appear and you can navigate deeper into the sub-folders.
    6. Repeat the process of expanding and renaming the sub-folders.
    7. When you get the point where there are no more sub-folders to rename, navigate to the file, and rename that as well.
    8. At that point, you should be able to easily delete the file or folder, and all it's subsequent folders.

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