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Thread: Video capture w/ Conexant Falcon-II Tuner

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    Video capture w/ Conexant Falcon-II Tuner

    I am having a HP-D4100y Pavilion system. It comes with Conexant Falcon-II tuner. It is a one board card. I am trying here to copy a video from my camera. But it does not looks to be working. I am using the camera on the tuner to capture some videos. But the same failed to work. Many says the issue lies with the drivers. But it looks to be working fine.

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    Re: Video capture w/ Conexant Falcon-II Tuner

    There can be possibility of driver problem. Run windows update or simply visit the official website of your motherboard manufacturer. You can find the updated driver edition there and I am sure this would be helping you much in fixing the problem. If this nothing works then it means the camera that you are using is not compatible with the tuner.

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