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Thread: How To Transfer Fonts from one PC to another PC

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    How To Transfer Fonts from one PC to another PC

    I need some help here to move fonts from one pc to another in my pc. I am not able to find some way to do that. I am having a DEll pc that I had bought recently. In my old Windows XP pc there are some fonts which are very important for my work. It trying copying the front in a usb and then moving them at the exact location. But it does not seems to be working. The fonts are not displayed here. Is there a tool available in the market that can do this.

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    Re: How To Transfer Fonts from one PC to another PC

    You have to go in C drive. The place where you had installed Windows. Go in the Windows directory and in that look for Windows folder. In that search for fonts. You just need to copy the fonts from your old pc to new one and that's all. Now you need to go in word or any other application and you can get those fonts. There is no need to install any third party application. It is the simplest way to transfer fonts.

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    If you are using Windows XP then go in control panel. In that you can find fonts folder. Open it. In the file you can find a option called install fonts. When click on that it will ask you for the font location. Browse and choose the new fonts. That's all. It will import the fonts inside and done. Your new fonts will be installed and it will work fine without any issue.

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