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Thread: "WMS Idle" error on shutdown

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    "WMS Idle" error on shutdown

    I dont know why am getting "WMS Idle" window on shutdown. I am running Windows XP SP2. After I hit the end now, then it will take 15 minutes to shut down. When I try to start Outlook, all instances will hand or wont show up at all and then a popup will come about Wms idle. I checked in Event Viewer about a message indicating one task is trying to read regsitry values that another task is still using. I did try to uninstall the Windows Messenger service and performing Detect and Repair on Outlook, but it is not working for me. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    WMS Idle

    I found that going to MSCONFIG and removing NMBgMonitor (which is a Nero Essentials component) from Startup, removed the WMS Idle failing to quit. More importantly removing that Nero file from startup, allowed Windows XP to shutdown ten times faster. I have removed Nero from my computer and it runs perfectly now. Perhaps only a corrupted file, who knows, but bye bye WMS Idle.

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    "Remco" you hit it on the head. I had the same exact problem and had Nero Essentials witch came installed on my new PC. I uninstalled Nero Essentials and the problem is solved.

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    Hi, This is for people who have NERO.

    Here's what you do to solve this problem.

    Click Start--> Programs --> Nero(v7, v7 essentials, v8 ) --> Tools --> Nero Scout.

    This opens Nero Scout Options window.
    On the left hand column, click Indexing --> Folders.
    Then at the bottom click Clear All.
    Then click Apply.
    At the top left hand corner of the window uncheck the box where it says Unable Nero Scout.
    Then click Apply.
    Then click OK.

    This will solve the WMS Idle not responding which appears everytime when shutting down.

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    Removing WMS without Nero

    SDdot1 advice on removing WMS Idle is fine IF a Nero program is installed. In my case, it was a residue legacy of a previously installed Nero program that left that nuisance behind that requires a MSConfig route to remove the offending "NMBgMonitor".

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    SDot1:That worked well. Thanks

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