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Thread: Kernel Data Inpage Error

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    Re: kernel data inpage error

    Can you please tell us what is the computer make and model and also the motherboard make and model number. What do you get in the chkdsk report, are there any bad sectors on the hard drive? Can you try to test the hard drive with Sea Tools for Windows?

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    Re: kernel data inpage error

    I have a Compaq SR1150NX. I don't really know how to look up my motherboard, but I'll copy down some things off the sticker on the tower:

    3200+ AMD Athlon XP Processor
    512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory
    200GB 7200RPM Ultra DMA Hard-drive

    I've continued having sporadic use of my computer, getting occasional kernel_stack/data_inpage_error messages. When I ran a chkdsk before, most of the deletions and changes were done for index $I30 for file 50724.

    Also, during boot-up I will receive corruption/missing file messages, which include system32\DRIVERS\isapnp.sys and also one for NFTS. I have continued trying to run HD Tune, and was able to get a little further in one attempt and there was one block that was damaged during that scan; however, I wasn't able to find out where it was located/what it was since my computer crashed before the scan ended.

    I'm in the middle of trying to get your suggested seagate scan up and onto the computer to run it, and will post any results I am able to get with this, and anything more I might be able to work through HD Tune.

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    CAUSA: Sector defectuoso en el archivo de intercambio, cables IDE defectuosos, virus
    EXPLICACIÓN: Una página de memoria solicitada por el kernel no ha podido ser leída del fichero de intercambio a la RAM.
    Common Causes of STOP Messages 0x00000077 and 0x0000007A
    Troubleshooting Stop 0x00000077 or KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR

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