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Thread: BSOD IRQ not less or equal

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    BSOD IRQ not less or equal

    I am facing a problem with my Windows XP pc. I am getting a constant blue screen on the same. I am not able to reach the cause of crash. I started my pc in safe mode and ran hijackthis. I verified all the application running but there is nothing buggy found. Also there is no virus in my pc. I am not really sure that my RAM is having some kind of problem. It is just a 8 month old pc and now this issue is troubling me a lot.

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    Re: BSOD IRQ not less or equal

    You can run a memory test software that can help you to deal with the issue. You can use memtest for the same. Ram problem is the most common cause of bluescreen. And memtest will run a memory test and at the end will tell you whether your ram is faulty or not. Another way to find this is boot in safe mode. If the system works well in safe mode then there is no hardware failure I think.

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    It can be due to corrupt system files also. You can run sfc /scannow to locate and replace corrupt system also. Also blue screen error appear due to hard disk errors. You can find that through chkdsk. If your disk health status is fine then through sfc check the health of system files of windows. I am sure that will help you more in fixing the issue.

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