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Thread: Unable to start Windows Firewall/ICS service.

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    Unable to start Windows Firewall/ICS service.

    Hi this is windows XP with Service Pack 2. I am facing some problems with its one service and hence need help from you all. I want to start "Windows firewall/Internet connection sharing ICS" service on this system but whenever I try doing the same, it gives me an error message saying:

    "Error 123: Unable to start the windows firewall(ICS) service. The disk or volume label is invalid"

    As I am not so good in computers I donít know what to do. However I tried few things by reading some articles but none of them helped. Hope somebody from here can provide me a working solution to get rid of this error.


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    RE: Unable to start Windows Firewall/ICS service.

    Hello fried, just like even i am not so good in Networking and firewall stuffs hence cannot recommend you anything personally but while searching for the same i came through an MS page having HOT FIX for diagnosing and fixing Windows Firewall service problems automatically. I think you should try out that hitfix. Hopefully it will fix the problem. Have a look here:

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    Re: Unable to start Windows Firewall/ICS service.

    Hello Nachiketa. I have been through this exact problem few months ago. After spending few hours on web i finally found a registry file which helped me to get rid of the same. I think you should also download this reg file, save it on desktop, double click to run, click OK when asked for permission. Thats it.

    This will create a Services entry in the registry. Restart the pc and problem will be fixed.

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