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Thread: Won't come out of standby

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    Won't come out of standby

    Recently, I put my Windows XP into standby mode which I usually do many times in a day. The computer seems to be shutting down, the screen went black but after some couple of hours later I found out that the disk activity light was flashing a low intensity. After I pressed the on and off to get it out of standby, nothing happened. It was only sitting at the light flashing. When I pressed the reset then it did nothing so I had to power off at the rear of system. When I tried to turn on the system again then there was no power, no lights coming and pressing the start button did nothing as well. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks

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    Well, if it is still under warranty terms then why dont you ask the manufacturer for a replacement and they will give you a completely whole new set.

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    Re: Won't come out of standby

    I will try to do that, but I am going to call an engineer which I did last week and I am still waiting for him. But my issue is whether having disk and standby set to never in power options will cause this issue? If an engineer came to fix this problem and found it was just some setting in XP then will they charge me some expensively?

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    Re: Won't come out of standby

    I have now solved the issue. It was a 7 port of USB hub that I had connected to the system for about some weeks ago, and it is now working fine now when I removed it and the system is working fine now.

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    Thats great, but I was going to recommend you for a repair installation that was the part or last resort, it would have been likely that we would have suggested to disconnect everything from the pc except the vital hardware during the repair installation.

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