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Thread: dump of physical memory

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    dump of physical memory

    I am having a Windows XP Service Pack 2 desktop. Last week I received a Blue Screen suddenly for the first time on this system. Since then for the next 3 to 4 days I was facing several problems. I tried looking up in Event Viewer, there were many stuffs but I wasnít able to understand anything of them. I also found a dmp extension but my system wasnít able to open it on its own. However the system is working normal like before since today morning. So can anyone please tell me what is all going on my PC? Is there anything i need to do on this system ?

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    Re: dump of physical memory

    Whenever you get a Blue Screen you should post the error message and the error code you see on that screen because BSODs occurs due to several reasons and unless you know the exact error code it is not easy to fix it. Usually the bluscreen appears for few seconds and pc restarts due to this you wont actually get to read the error. In such case what you can do is disable Resatrt by going to My Computer icon on the Desktop and select Properties, Advanced, Start-Up and Recovery, System Failure and uncheck box before Automatically Restart.

    Apart from this, no matter you donít understand what was written in the Event Viewer, you should have copy pasted the error messages here so that we can recognize the cause of problem. For your information, check this View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

    Anyways, as you said your system is working good since morning today I donít think you really need to do anything unless you get the problem again. If you receive BSOD again, reply back with the error codes.

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