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Thread: Is there a way to disable standby for all users?

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    Is there a way to disable standby for all users?

    Hi, I have domain setup at Office with about 8 Clients workstations running. All these systems are running with Windows XP and domain is on Windows 2003 Server. As we need our system and monitors to be running every minute, 24/7, I made some settings in Group Policy to make all system ON every time, they should not go in the standby mode. But seems like there is something wrong, settings are not working or I might have made some mistakes.

    So I wanted to know whether there are any registry settings we need to go through to keep our systems out of standby mode? If yes, please let me know how. Many thanks.

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    Re: Is there a way to disable standby for all users?

    As you might be knowing that only Administrators are allowed to change the Power Policy, hence i guess your users have Administrator privileges, are they? Once the Power Policy is properly set non-admins should not be able to change it. Anyways, i dont know about the registry but you can surely go with Powercfg.exe to set the power policies. Have a look at this Microsoft page:

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    RE: Is there a way to disable standby for all users?

    Hello Naa'Il, Did you tried disabling the standby from those individually PC settings by going into Advanced Computer Power Management? if not do it.Selecting the driver for "Standard PC" instead of one of the "Mulit..." drivers will disable standby. This also disabled the PlugNPlay autoslection of resources for all the hardware, making more difficult arrangement of things like IRQ's and memory locations for device drivers.

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