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Thread: Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

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    Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

    Earlier I was using ThunderBird as default email client on this Windows XP laptop. Now recently I switched to Outlook 2003 as email client. I went to thunderbird and change the settings to not set it as default for emails. But the problem I’m facing is whenever I click on any “Send To” mail recipient; it opens Thunderbird instead of Outlook.

    I cannot uninstall Thunderbird as it has several email backups and I require it sometimes but how can I change and set default client to Outlook? Please help.

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    Re: Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

    Just changing the settings from the application itself is not enough to remove a program from Default. You will also need to change it from your operating system as well. However I think you should check this Knowledge Base article for easier steps

    Let me know if you face any more problem.

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    Re: Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

    The problem that you are facing happens if you try to send mail by right clicking a file and selecting Send to and then click Mail Recipient because the solution described use the simple Messaging Application Programming Interface function called MAPISendMail(), which will not use the Outlook default message format. Hence it will always try to create a plain text formatted message. To solve this issue follow the solution given on this article -

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    Re: Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

    In your outlook 2003 if you right click on a file and select Send to Mail Recipient then it will start a different email editor that will not have a LeapFILE addin. So you can try to create a shortcut to start Outlook email editor by going to C:\Documents and Settings\user\SendTo and then right clicking on it and create a shortcut with a Target like this - "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c IPM.MAil /a". After that you can delete Mail Recipient.

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