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Thread: Windows media player 11 - missing codec

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    Windows media player 11 - missing codec

    Im having a Windows XP computer with Windows Media Player 11. I got today some Music files which when trying to play in WMP, it gives me an error message saying something like it's not possible to play the music because one audio codec is missing. Now as I dont have internet connected on this PC , it is not possible to troubleshoot right from here and download the required codec.

    The only way is to download the coded from web on some another computer and move it to this system via pen drive. So the problem is which codec I have download? Please provide some more info on the same.


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    Re: Windows media player 11 - missing codec

    What is the file format of those Music Files which are giving this missing codec error? Is it MP3 or any other?

    Until you reply i'll suggest you to simply download "K-Lite" codec from web and install it on your system. This is the widely used codec for windows.

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