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Thread: Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck

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    Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck

    I am facing some serious problem with my computer running Windows XP. It was working fine until yesterday night when turned off, but since today morning it is not ready to reach the desktop. Whenever I start the system it reaches upto Boot Menu screen and ends up with Blue Screen saying “Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck.”

    I don’t know what went wrong over night and what does this error means. System is rebooting again and again from the boot menu. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck

    Which brand computer is this, i mean HP, Dell, etc? Did you made any changes to the system recently? Any software installation / uninstallation, Windows updates or ran any partitioning program? Because the error mentioned above occurs when XP partition has been set to not active, or to hidden. See if this is not in your case.

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    Re: Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck

    Hello RaeS, just follow the below steps and see if the problem exists.

    Insert your Windows XP installation CD and get into Recovery Console
    Select Command prompt and run the following command:

    chkntfs /x c:

    This will cancel the checkdsk on C: drive . In case you have other partitions as well, simply add them to the command like this:

    chkntfs /x c: d: e:

    Once done, type the following in command prompt

    Copy E:\i386\autochk.exe C:\Windows\System32\

    Where E: is the drive letter of your CD drive. Change this for your system, or cdnage directory (CD command) to get to your CD drive.

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    Auto check program not found - skipping auto check

    I just came upon this forum since I just encountered this auto check error on bootup. I followed the steps listed but I got in trouble when I tried to copy the autochk.exe file from my XP CD. After I typed in the copy command I got an error stating "Access is Denied". So just in case I made typing error I retyped the copy command, but again I got the same access denied error. HELP!!!

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    Re: Autochck program not found. Skipping autocheck

    I have had this same problem when installing Linux on existing Windows OS. BUT, none of this work for me. IGNORE ALL THIS AS IT DOES NOT ALWAYS WILL WORK AS I HAVE TRIED IT!

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