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Thread: My Safe Folder

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    My Safe Folder

    I am having a Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop running with Windows XP Pro. The problem I am facing is due to some unknown reason I am not abelt to access My Safe Folder any more. For troubleshooting when I click the folders properties, it gives me message saying something like ‘the properties for this system are not available.’

    While searching for help I found a guy saying to Turn off Simple File Sharing to fix this error. Well I tried the same as well but no help. Do you guys have any idea what could be the problem and how can I fix it ? Please help.

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    Re: My Safe Folder

    Go to Security and Sharing tabs and you need to set Everyone-Full access under if the "Simple File Sharing" option is disabled. if that wont work then simply add username/password for the PC user whom you want to allow access with the shared file/folder.Just note that before you actually do any of these changes you need to check any software firewall installed to make sure the PC you want to allow access to the share isn't being blocked/restricted, if it is add the PC to the Trusted zone.

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    Re: My Safe Folder

    Thank you very much for the help buddy but sorry to say i am not able to understand as i'm newbie in computers. Can you please provide me step by step instructions of what i need to do?

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