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Thread: Nero photo snap viewer

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    Nero photo snap viewer

    I am stuck with an issue with Nero Photosnap Viewer. I am trying to open some photos and it does not work well. When I try to open the photos I am getting a error. I am trying to open them snap viewer. The error is C:\documents and settings\administrator\my documents\my pictures could not be opened. Can anyone tell me how to fix the error. I am getting this constantly.

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    Re: Nero photo snap viewer

    The only thing I can remember that can fix the issue is by re-install Nero back again. While there is no other way to get rid of the problem. It is essential that you must simply get the fresh copy of nero installation and then run the setup. That might fix the issue. That is quiet enough I think. The issue lies with Nero application and by re-installing the same the issue will be resolved. You can run also run the repair setup.

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    Try to run system restore. That will fix the issue instantly. Or else you can go in Control Panel > Add/Remove program to repair the existing installation. That will be a more better way to fix the problem you are facing. Just simply run the repair installation back again and then check back. If that does not work then you can skip the existing application and download a third party image viewer software.

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