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Thread: Remote Desktop Connection

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    Remote Desktop Connection

    I am having a windows xp pc. I had recent installed SP2 update on it. I am facing problem with remove desktop folder. I am trying to find mstsc.exe. But somehow when I am trying to run the same I am getting error on it. The error is related to some terminal services active x control. The error shows some mstscax.dll file does not match with the version of client shell. Can anyone tell me how to fix the issue.

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    Re: Remote Desktop Connection

    The error is associated with remote desktop protocol. What you can do is find a working system and search for mstscax.dll file on the same. Copy that file and paste it in the exact location from where you can taken it. That will do the job. Once it is properly copied the remote desktop connection will start working and there will be no issue at all. That is the best way to get rid of this error.

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    Thanks for the reply. My issue is resolved. But what about mstsc.exe. I am not able to find this file also. I tried to launch remote desktop by typing mstsc.exe in the run box. But it still looks to be not working properly. The desktop just does not respond anything. But I am able to use the same directly by clicking on remote desktop. Does replacing the same file will also help.

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