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Thread: Desktop Displayed Rotated By 90 Degrees

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    Desktop Displayed Rotated By 90 Degrees

    My friend system is having windows xp on the same. He had updated recently. Everything is working fine except the desktop. It is being rotated to 90 degree and does not goes back to normal. I am a bit annoyed with the same. I am not able to find any solution for this. He called me to fix the issue but the problem is a bit different here. How can I restore the same back to normal. That will be more helpful in fixing the problem.

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    You will need to go in the graphic settings and then check back. This will give you more settings here to fix the issue. You can simply checkout the video utility to find out the settings for the same. I will go in the same and modify the desktop screen. You can here also try to update the drivers and test back. That will be simply more beneficial in fixing the problem you are facing.

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    I think the shortcut key to fix the issue is ctrl + alt + arrow key. You can simply press the same to rotate the screen and fix it as per your need. It is essential that you must simply check the screen properly and then try back. That will be one of the best way to fix the issue. If that does not work then as mentioned above just re-install the video driver back again. And that will be more than enough to fix the issue.

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