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Thread: My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

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    My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

    I need some help with USB ports on my pc. I am not able to use them. It was working fine but some ports were facing connectivity issue. Now the front two ports stopped working. When I connect the pen drive it is not detected. I cannot also use my mouse on the same. I am actually using a laptop. It is easier for desktop to change ports but for laptop it is complicated and costly also. Is there a way to find out which ports are still working.

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    Re: My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

    If it is a hardware fault then you cannot do anything in that. But if it is a driver fault then you can simply try to update the same through device manager. Just right click on My Computer and choose Properties. In that look for Hardware and then click on Device Manager. Right click on the usb devices on the same and choose update drivers. That's all. That would be more helpful in fixing the problem you are facing.

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    Re: My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

    It can be a driver issue. There are limited ports on a laptop. One by one check everything and see which are working which are not. To fix this there is one thing you can try. In device manager right click on USB composite device and click on uninstall. Uninstall all the ports and then simply restart your pc. Wait back until windows update the drivers. Then check back. I am sure if there is driver or software level trouble then the issue will be resolved.

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    Re: My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

    If there are any ports working you can hook a usb hub on the same. That will give you option to extend the ports. In my laptop also 2 usb ports stopped working. It does not work at all. I tried a number of thing. The last thing I did is bought a 10 port usb hub with separate power adapter. It works well with printer, keyboard and other usb devices.

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    Re: My USB ports won't work!!!!!!!!!

    i had the same prob with my desttop and all i did is turn off and remove the power lead then i removed the internal battery and replased it had to reset the Bios and everything worked ok

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