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Thread: Won't let me burn cd's.

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    Won't let me burn cd's.


    I am using HP Laptop with Windows XP Pro and Windows Media Player 10. Though I am using this system since past 6 months this is the first time I tried burning any CD on this laptop which ended with the following error message:

    "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while burning the file to the disc.
    You've encountered error message C00D10DA while using Windows Media Player. Additional information is not currently available for this error."

    I have no idea what to be done with this. Can you anyone please provide some help? Many Thanks.

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    Re: Won't let me burn cd's.

    You are not the first to get this problem, several users around the globe has already faced this with Windows Media Player. Anyways, i will suggest you to simply go through the steps provided in the following article. It will surely fix the problem.

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    RE: Won't let me burn cd's.

    I believe this post is for the Windows Media Group, why don't you use the "Search For" feature on top of this page, type "error message C00D10DA" for the key and select "Expert Zone Newsgroups". You'll see quite a few posts in the Media Group are dealing with the same issue.

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