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Thread: FSX says MSXML 4 SP2 missing - but it is installed.

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    FSX says MSXML 4 SP2 missing - but it is installed.

    Even after installing Flight Smulator X in my pc I am facing a problem with single component missing. It is related to some msxml 4 sp 2 component. This is really weird. The setup was fine and there was no error at all. But when I launched the game I am getting a error on the screen. The error reflect some msxml4.dll file which is causing the damage. What should I do to fix the error. Does re-installing the same back will be more than enough.

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    Re: FSX says MSXML 4 SP2 missing - but it is installed.

    You can download and install MS XML SP2 directly from the link below. Just download and install the same. I am sure that will be enough to get rid of the problem you are facing. The missing component error can be resolved by adding the same directly. The game might not work. You can try simply remove the game first and then install it back and then install the game once again.

    MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services)

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    I am getting that error even after installing the msxml component. It looks this game is having some kind of bugs. I am trying to find a patch or any update for the game that can help me to fix the issue. I hope there will be some way for the same. I also tried to copy the msxml.dll file manually but that also did not worked. It is a bit annoying. I had not yet tried to re-install the game back. I hope that will be enough to fix the issue.

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    Re: FSX says MSXML 4 SP2 missing - but it is installed.

    i have had the same problem and read forms and re-installed till my eyes were bleeding... well it felt that way...

    download msxml4-KB954430-enu.exe from

    before running it make sure all other versions have been removed. it works now... no thanks to microsoft or the so called support.

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