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Thread: wmiprvse.exe, Slowing down other applications

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    wmiprvse.exe, Slowing down other applications

    I am having a very old pc here. It has a Intel P4 processor. The ram used inside that is only around 512MB Ram with 80GB SATA hard drive and 40GB old drive which has windows on the same. Recently windows just installed some new updates on the system and after that the system just started working extremely slow. I am not able to understand the reason here. I had checked in task manager and found the issue basically lies with wmiprvse.exe. It is consuming a huge amount of system resources. I need some help here to improve the system performance.

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    RE: wmiprvse.exe, Slowing down other applications

    In earlier versions of Windows, providers were loaded in-process with the Windows Management service (WinMgmt.exe), running under the LocalSystem security account. Failure of a provider caused the entire WMI service to fail. The next request to WMI restarted the service. Beginning with Windows XP, WMI resides in a shared service host with several other services. To avoid stopping all the services when a provider fails, providers are loaded into a separate host process named Wmiprvse.exe. Multiple instances of Wmiprvse.exe can run at the same time under different accounts: LocalSystem, NetworkService, or LocalService. The WMI core WinMgmt.exe is loaded into the shared Local Service host named Svchost.exe.

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    Go in event viewer where you can find more information about the problem. The file is located inside C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem which is the valid windows files. You can download and instal hijackthis in your pc. This tool will scan and show you the number of services running in your pc. You can simply check the location. Ample of time virus or corrupt system files are common cause of the problem. So just scan your pc under safe mode and simply disable all the startup services. See what you get.

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