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Thread: USB mass storage driver?

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    USB mass storage driver?

    I need some help here with storage driver. I am trying to install iPod Nano. IO am using this for long time. Somehow when I try to connect to my pc it is not detecting at all. The device is not recognize on my pc. Due to which it is not possible to put new songs onto my iPod. I am trying to search for proper drivers. I hope there will be some way to use the same. I am looking for some automated tool that can help me to fix the issue.

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    You can do that by using iTunes. It is the only way to transfer songs to the ipod. While there are no usb drivers available for the same. You have to use a pc suite tool only that can help you for the same. I am also trying to do the same but nothing works out. Just download the itunes tool and the install the same in your pc and then check back. That will be more helpful to transfer the songs. I am expecting an much easier tool for the same.

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    Solution: Windows XP does not recognize USB Mass Storage Device

    Windows XP does not recognize USB Mass Storage Devices
    Device is detected and listed with an exclaimation mark in Device Manager

    After spending hours on internet and reading through numerous posts, I found following solutions which will definately work:

    1. Delete following file: windows\inf\infcache.1

    2. Go to windows\inf folder and see if you have read/write permissions for following files:
    If not, open security settings for above files and add your username for read/write access.

    3. Open registry editor and:
    Delete following keys:
    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\ <read all keys and delete all those saying USB Mass Storage Driver>

    Add following key:
    Add a new DWoRD Value and name it "DisableSelectiveSuspend". Give it value 1

    4. Make sure you have USBSTOR.SYS file in your windows\system32\drivers folder (It wasn't there in my case). Just Google using Usbstor.sys and you will find the file to download. Save it at above location.

    After doing above steps, restart your PC. Now Windows should recognize your mass storage and should do an autoplay.

    5. Some posts also mention that turning off the system and pulling out mains power supply and batteries for 30 mins is also helpful to resolve above problem.

    In case you face any problem in completing above steps (need detailed info) simply drop a mail at I will be glad to assist as I can feel the pain of this wierd problem.

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    Re: USB mass storage driver?

    Believe it or not, some small USB mass storage devices can only communicate over a short USB cable. Regardless of the USB standards, I have confirmed this several times with external drives from WD and others.

    The cable that comes with the USB drive is generally about a foot. I have had numerous users that hate the short cable and use a longe cable instead. Then they call me and complain that the USB drive has a power light and is detected as a Mass Storage Device, but the drivers will not install. I replace the long cable with the original short cable, and tell them they owe me lunch. Worth a try, sometimes they actually do buy me lunch.

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    USB mass storage driver?

    Doesn't seem to be my problem. Drivers are installed, device said to be working properly, uninstalling and then running "new hardware" reinstalls apparently satisfactorily. I'm just about to remove 500 gig HDD and replace it with an 80 to ensure enclosure is working.

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    Re: USB mass storage driver?

    Hello, I have similar problem.
    I have PQI 8GB Traveling disk U273 and it worked OK 2 years. I had inserted it in one PC that often change USB devices (BT, flash disk, Samsung phone) and after inserting my USB, windows detected Unknown device. (File system was NTFS). After that on any other PC, 8GB flash not working...
    In Linux Ubuntu, I can format usb flash in fat16, fat32, ntfs, ext2/3/4, but usb can be used in fat16/32 format, as 1 or 2 partitions disk, but in ntfs format disk is read-only! and any format is still undetectable in windows xp/7.

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