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Thread: print screen does not work

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    print screen does not work

    If I am going through the process of trying to print screen but nothing happens, although I know the key stroke is getting to the computer. I have got a logitech usb keyboard but the computer shows it as a standard microsoft thing? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: print screen does not work

    To capture a screen shot of the entire screen to the clipboard, press the PrintScrn key.

    To capture a screen shot of the active window or dialog box (for example, the WordPad application window or the File Open dialog box), press ALT+PRINTSCRN.

    The SHIFT and the CTRL keys do not affect the full screen capture.

    For more information visit this kb article -

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    Re: print screen does not work

    When you press the PrtScn key on the keyboard then it copies the entire display and also the desktop wallpaper to the clipboard. If you press the Alt+PrtScn key then it will copy only the active Window to the clipboard. And then to view it, just open paint and then press ctrl+v and it will get pasted. Then save the image to the desktop.

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    Re: print screen does not work

    here is the simple soln: press function (fn) and print screen (prt sc) keys together n enjoy.

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