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Thread: No Sound mixer device.

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    No Sound mixer device.

    The problem started after installing the updates last night. Today morning when I started the pc I found that there is no sound. After doing some troubleshoot I got a message saying I donít have Sound Mixer device and surprisingly my realtek also disappeared.

    Any fix of the same ?

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    There are some Microsoft KB Articles containing the solution for the same. One more related error to your problem is "Illegal System DLL Relocation" this occurs because certain programs wont start. For this you can check solutions mentioned here: This usually happens with a system running Windows XP Service Pack 2

    Another is when your system is running with Realtek AC'97 Audio device with Windows XP and it crashes as soon as you try launching a program that uses sounds. In such cases, you should refer this:

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    Re: No Sound mixer device.

    Did you tried re-installing Mixer devices again ? if not do it now. You can do this by going to Stat > Control panel > Printers and Other Hardware. Now click Add hardware. System will scan and if found the device, will install it automatically. Another thing you need to check is whether Windows Audio service running and is set to Automatic. You can do this with the following steps:

    Go to Start > Run > type Services.msc > Press Enter
    Scroll download, locate and double click Windows Audio
    Change it to Automatic in Startup type and Click Apply and Ok.

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    Re: No Sound mixer device.

    I don't believe any of the instructions here apply to my situation, but if they do, please direct me to them. If they don't then please assist me, as I want to use a web-radio recording program but they say I need the mixer. See the attached screenshot of my volume control settings. Let me know how I can add the mixer to this. Many thanks.

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    Re: No Sound mixer device.

    Hello, um, new computer keeps saying no audio device after formatting it...can you help me find d correct sound driver to download. Here is my computers details
    Operating system:windows xp professional sp2
    Cpu type:AMD Athlon XP, 1111 MHz(11x101)
    Motherboard name:Asus A7A266 (5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 1 AMR, 5 DIMM)
    Motherboard chipset:ULi/ALi M1647 ALiMAGiK 1

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    Re: No Sound mixer device.

    i have a problem that everytime i try to access Volume control it says theres no mixer installed. when i go to play something im neadia player it says no sound device installed.. i have followed different fings on this but i get a box that just says no audio device

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    Re: No Sound mixer device.

    This is because of audio service not automatically working. For that click on start > run > msconfig. Click on Services and Startup and enable all process. If this does not work then there is one more option. Click on start > run type services.msc. Look for Windows audio and double click on that. Go in Windows Audio properties and set the Startup type to automatic. Reboot your sysetm and then check back. Install all appropriate codecs needed.

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