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Thread: downloaded program files folder question

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    downloaded program files folder question

    I am using Internet Explorer as my default web browser. Whenever I download something it goes in the default download folder. But now it is not. When I download it goes to some weird location. I had not modified anything here. I am trying to download some updates but they are going in different folder. Also my system has failed to read my flash card reader. It is not able to find anything. Before when I connect it to my XP system it shows me a popup window showing up the files inside the card. But not it is not working.

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    You can change that download folder. That is not a big deal. But if you want to restore the old browser settings back then you can do one thing. Just re-install the browser. All settings will be restored and the performance will be improved to some extent. Just download the most recent version of the browser and then test back the same. That will be more better. The download folder by default lies inside document and settings.

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    That is the reason I am using a download manager. It is a tiny utility that manages everything. For your card reader thing I think your pc needs driver updates. You can download them from the web and update the same in your pc. That is another good way of fixing the problem you are facing. Just check your motherboard model and download the most latest version of drivers on the basis of that and update that in your pc.

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