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Thread: Make Vongo go away!

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    Cindy Guest

    Make Vongo go away!

    I have one Admin, one user and a guest account. I deleted the Vongo from the
    Admin side and now when the user logs in the error message always pops up!
    And Vongo is still there and cannot be removed. Same for the Guest. I've set
    the user as Admin and that doesn't help either. I just want this to go away.
    I've tried about 5 different things.

    Please any help!

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    nass Guest

    RE: Make Vongo go away!

    You shouldn't delete, you should uninstall the application!.
    Try to clean up all the traces left for this Vongo by downloading this Tool:

    Also you can uncheck it from the Start Up Programs:
    =How to perform a clean boot procedure to prevent background programs from
    interfering with a game or a program that you currently use
    You can also use the AutoRun to remove the entry for it in the start Up:
    "AutoRuns for Windows v8.61 By Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell"

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    Cindy Guest

    RE: Make Vongo go away!

    It's not working. There was a message that said cannot delete Vongo.msi?
    And I did do and uninstall to begin with. It doesn't come up on my admin
    side, just the other sides.
    Thanks for the help.
    I really did like the ccleaner!

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    nass Guest

    RE: Make Vongo go away!

    Hi Cindy,
    Try in Safe Mode with your admin Account in these Directories:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Local User\Start Menu\Programs = Look in the
    Right Window and delete any reference for Vongo.

    C:\Program Files\Vongo.msi <= delete it
    C:\Windows\System32 = Vongo.msi delete it.

    You can make sure the Process is not running in the background by Pressing
    CTRL + ALT + DEL and End the process if it is running in the background.

    Also use the crap cleaner to locate all paths and in the registry for the
    vongo and check them then hit delete.

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    Just Plain Bill Guest

    RE: Make Vongo go away!

    Hi Cindy,

    I have had the same experience as you.

    I have tried with CCleaner and with Autoruns with no luck.

    When I do a search with Windows Explorer I get no results with the
    expression " vongo.*"

    When I do a search with CCleaner it shows an entry for Vongo but the message
    I get when I try to delete it is "cannot delete MS Installer".

    Have you had any luck and does anyone know who makes this program?

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    Ricky Guest

    Re: Make Vongo go away!

    vongo removal
    by photog86 - 9/6/06 12:02 PM
    In reply to: Vongo removal from HP laptops by docco239
    I've written HP for info on removing or uninstalling vongo: this is what
    they say to do, (haven't tried it yet, but I will)

    Uninstall VONGO Software:

    1. Restart the Notebook and keep Tapping F8.
    2. Select Safe Mode and press Enter
    3. Click on Start, select Run, type "msconfig" press Enter.
    4. Click on Startup tab and uncheck the check box besides "isuspm"
    5. Click OK and restart the system for the new settings to take effect.
    Kate: Note: After you restart the machine you may receive a dialogue box
    stating 'System is running using Selective Startup', Check 'Don't show
    this message or launch the system configuration utility when Windows
    Starts' and click OK.
    Kate: Now, restart the Notebook again and go into Safe Mode by tapping
    F8. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs

    Locate the Vongo Software and click on Remove to uninstall it.

    If this does not resolve the issue, you may have to manually delete the
    Kate: To do that:

    1. Double click on My Computer
    2. Double click on C Drive
    3. Double click on Program Files
    4. Select the Vongo Software folder and press Delete.
    5. Close the Window
    6. Right click on Recycle Bin folder and select Empty Recycle Bin

    This will remove the Software.
    Kate: Now, run the Windows Installation Cleanup Utility, this will
    remove the registry entries for the Software.

    You can download the Utility from the given below link:

    Note: Please do not click on the link. Copy and paste the complete link
    in the address bar of the Internet Explorer.

    The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility does:

    .. Provide a dialog box where you can select one or more programs that
    were installed by Windows Installer. You select the programs on the
    Installed Products list in the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box.
    After you make this selection, the utility removes only the Windows
    Installer configuration information that is related to those programs.

    .. Remove the files and registry settings that make up the Windows
    Installer configuration information for programs that you select.

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    Just Plain Bill Guest
    I tried the first part and it did not work. My theory is that none of us
    allowed Vongo to install and when we went to uninstall it would not
    completely remove.

    The windows installer cleanup program worked like a charm and now when i
    boot up I no longer have to wait while the program tries to install.

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