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Thread: Error 1335 and Error 2350

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    Error 1335 and Error 2350

    I brought this problem myself today morning. I have a Windows XP based desktop running with Service Pack 2. Today morning I downloaded a RPG game from web, saved it on Desktop and started installing. Halfway of the installation, I received a pop up saying “Error 1335” with three buttons saying, Retry, Ignore, Cancel. I kept Retrying and kept coming up. Finally I cancelled the installation because ignore button don’t do anything.

    Well the installation got cancelled, even Error 1335 went away but now I keep getting another pop up with “Error 2350” even after restarting the PC several times. I don’t know what is it related to and how can I fix the same. Somebody please help.

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    The mentioned error codes appear when Setup application fails to extract one or more files from the cabinet files due to the corrupted file. In such cases you can download the file again (that rpg game setup in your case) and try to install. If you see the same error code again then then you may also need to re-install the Windows Installer itself. Instead of re-installing better download the most recent version of Windows installer from Microsoft Download Center and install. For more help on problems related to "Windows Installer", check this MS KB:

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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    My experience is that it is a hardware problem - the CD or DVD drive is having problems reading the CD or DVD. I got the error using a CD-Rom drive. When I switched drives to a CD-RW drive with a more precise laser beam, there was no error. I also had problems reading DVD with a DVD-Rom drive so I switched to an external USB DVD-RW and the DVD was read with no error.

    If you can't get an alternative drive there are software methods to slow the transfer
    set the CD-ROM drive to PIO (Programmed IO)
    rather than DMA (Dynamic Memory Access)
    or decrease the size of RAM to slow things down
    In the BOOT.INI Advanced Options dialog box, select the /MAXMEM= check box, and then change the setting to 100

    but neither software method worked for me.

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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    I think you have not deleted the temporary files from your computer. To do so follow these steps
    -> start button
    -> run
    -> type 'cmd'
    -> click ok

    Now you will see an command prompt / console windows on the screen. These are the modification you will have to make
    - msiexec /unregister (press enter)
    - msiexec /regserver (press enter)

    Now try to install these applications/ programs in two separate locations.

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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    Also, the file name length may be too long. I write deployment packages and occassionally find this error. Try installing the software a couple of levels higher. :-)

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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    This worked for me, thank you.

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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    Yessssss.... the steps provided by the 'WinDoWLoCuS' is exact ways to resolve the issue. It can be a bit almost any room or who is involved and not necessarily a bad manipulation.
    1. Check your ram with MEMTEST (the ultimate boot cd)
    2. Check your hard disk with the utility manufacturer's one (same location)
    3. If you can, try with another drive / another CD.

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