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Thread: Brightness and Contrast

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    Brightness and Contrast

    I am here trying to figure out how can I simply adjust the brightness and contrast of my monitor. Rightnow it is far too dark. The current monitor settings are at 100% which looks to be proper. But somehow the output is not better. I am having dual monitor connected to the pc. I had checked the properties from the settings where I found everything looks to be proper but somehow there is a problem with maximum output. I hope there will be some way to fix the issue that I am facing. !

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    Re: Brightness and Contrast

    The brightness and contrast is not controlled by windows. It is controlled from the monitor properties. You just have to go in the monitor settings menu that you can access through the buttons on monitor. Every monitor is having a set of buttons and menus that you can use to checkout the settings and I am sure that will more help you to fix the problem you are facing. Just go in the monitor menu and see what settings you are getting here.

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    That is right check the monitor settings first. Windows is not having any application that can control the brightness or contrast. You can do that through the monitor menu. The only thing you can do is manage the screen resolution via desktop properties. That's all. It is also not complicated to find some tools from web that can help you to control the monitor settings. I am sure that will be quiet enough to fix the issue.

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    If everything is correct from the monitor side and still you are not getting a proper output then the issue lies with video driver. You have to update that and the issue might be resolved. So just check the video driver version and update the same. I am sure that will be quiet enough to fix the issue you are facing with video output. That is actually the best way to fix video resolution problems.

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