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Thread: EventType clr20r3

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    EventType clr20r3

    I had installed SystemArchitect software a few days ago on my system. The installation was fine and I was using the same. But after a few days the same stopped working. When I try to launch it, it fails. I went inside event viewer and found a error related to this software. The error is : EventType clr20r3, P1 systemarchitect.exe, P2, P3 4582e5d3, P4 systemarchitect, P5, P6 4582e5d3, P7 86e, P8 dc, P9 system.typeinitialization, P10 NIL.I am not able to find any solution for the same. Can anyone help me to fix the issue.

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    Re: EventType clr20r3

    Looks like some kind of application bug. It is necessary that you must re-install the software or arrange a proper setup file. Just go in control panel and remove it completely first. Then re-install the same back from scratch. I am sure it will be working fine. If still there is a problem with the installation, you will need to replace the setup file.

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