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Thread: MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD

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    MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD

    How to fix memory dump error. My system crashed with bluescreen giving some memory dump error on the same. The error that I got is - MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD. My system was working fine. The problem just started on its own automatically. I am having a Windows XP system. Now whenever I try to login to my pc I am getting the same error on it. Can anyone guide me how to fix the problem. The error is just appearing constantly on my screen. What should I do to fix the problem.

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    RE: MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD

    Can be a ram problem. Try to open your cpu case and clean the ram fixed inside. Just clean the edges and then check back. Bluescreen most commonly appear on the screen due to improper ram. There are tools like memtest which works really fine in checking out whether your ram is stable or not. If in the memtest log you find errors with the ram you will need to replace the hardware. Then only the problem will be fixed.

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    RE: MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD

    Try to run system restore. That might do the job. I think your system is having some corrupt or damage system files due to which you are facing the problem. Just run system restore and then check back. You can run chkdsk in cmd and find out problem related to hard drive bad sectors. There are number of reason behind blue screen. Sometime bad sector or sometime improper ram are the common cause of the same.

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    RE: MEMORY DUMPS, Stop: 0x000000008E, BSOD

    It is a memory failure error. You have some big issue with the ram. If you are having multiple ram in your pc then just remove it and check one by one. Ample of time due to improper or damage ram this kind of problem appear. Memtest is a good advice given above. You can use this in bootable format and run in your system. But I am sure that in your cause the ram is damaged. You will have to replace the same to get rid of the problem you are facing.

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    Try system restore first. See whether it helps you or not. Sometime system restore helps a lot in keeping the system stable. Just for precaution backup your. Copy it and keep it safe somewhere. Hardware problems are common. I had checked that error on web and found that the issue mostly lies with ram failure. I do not think the issue lies with any system file. If the bluescreen was due to bad sectors then the error would be different.

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