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Thread: system dll user32

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    system dll user32

    I am getting system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory error on windows XP. It gives some HHCTRL.OCX file having problem. I don't know anything about this problem. Can anyone here help me how to fix the issue. The system was working fine. But now I am getting this error constantly on the screen. I cannot work anymore. I think there were some recent updates in the system which has caused the issue. My brother is also using the same pc, so he might have installed something which generated problem. I hope this is not a virus issue.

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    RE: system dll user32

    There can be some faulty driver which is causing the problem. I can help you fixing the problem. But for that you will need to update all the drivers in your system one by one. You can download them from the official website of your chipset manufacturer. Download each of them one by one manually and run the setup. That would simply replace the problem and your system error will be resolved. You can do that through device manager also.

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    Re: system dll user32

    I had gone through the same kind of problem some months ago. the issue was due to a pcmcia card on my system. It was used for wifi connectivity. Some new updates were the cause of problem. Once they are installed the driver associated with pcmcia card stopped working properly. I tried many things to fix the issue. The last thing I did is re-installed the driver back and the issue was resolved. Go in Event viewer. There you will find more information on the error.

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    Re: system dll user32

    You can try system restore here. I think that will be the most easiest way to get rid of this problem. System restore is capable of restoring your old system settings back. This is one of the most easiest way to recover system from critical error. But if nothing works out then there is only one option left. You will have to run a repair setup of windows. You can do that through windows installation disc.

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    Go in Control Panel > Add/Remove Program and one by one remove all unwanted applications. Just clear your system. Then click on Start > Run and in that type msconfig and hit enter. In that click on startup and you can disable all unwanted applications. Do not turn of Microsoft services or else the problem will lie the same. Some damage system file is causing the problem due to which you are facing the issue. It is recommended that you must clean your system from all unwanted stuff and then test it back.

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    RE: system dll user32

    The file hhctrl.ocx is associated with ActiveX. You will need to update that. That's all the problem will be resolved. Just go on the web and download the most recent version of ActiveX in your pc. Update the same and test back. I think that will be simply more than enough to fix the issue. Some virus can be the cause of problem. It is essential that you must thoroughly scan your pc under safe mode with a good antivirus.

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