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Thread: What is nwiz /install in startup items?

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    What is nwiz /install in startup items?

    So, I was just doing something in msconfig just now and noticed a item called nwiz/install and nothing that I do not need anything installed I saw it was taking up 3mb in the task manager. I removed it and everything was fine. Does anyone know whether it is used for norton software? I was having that preinstalled in my computer and I used the Windows XP Add and Remove to remove it but also it left the Symantec Update icon in control panel and I dont know how to get rid of it. What exactly does this nwiz /install does? Can anyone let me know. Thanks


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    Re: What is nwiz /install in startup items?

    Do you have nvidia graphics card installed in your system?

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    It is the device driver utility for nvidia display cards

    You do not have to worry about it however to turn extra processes you can use startup control panel by mike lin

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