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Thread: How to View Old Registry?

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    How to View Old Registry?

    I got some issues running Remote Assistance on Windows XP which was working properly. I think I know the cause is because of an SID change, which seems to have started when I replaced the primary hard drive with a larger one and used an Image created with DriveImage to restore the OS partition to the new drive. I am still having the original image, and it contains the original Registry files, which shows the original SID for this system. Now I would like to know how I can look at the registry contained in that image? DriveImage is having a way to view the folder and file contents of the original OS, so I can access them or copy/paste them if needed. Is there a program that can open the registry contained in those files? Thanks

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    Re: How to View Old Registry?

    Create a Group Policy Object that applies to all machines who's SID has been changed by using Norton's Ghost Walker and, in the Computer Configuration part, open Windows Settings, Scripts (Startup/Shutdown), Startup. Add the following entry:
    Name: sessmgr.exe
    Parameters: -service
    Save the GPO and verify that is has been linked to the proper OU. Reboot the target machine(s) in order to make the group policy effective.

    More information here -

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    Re: How to View Old Registry?

    Click on Start and then Run and type regedt32. After that select the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Now go to the file and click on Load Hive. Then go to the Registry Hive you wat to edit, for example C:\Windows\System32\Config\Software. You might be asked for a key name to load th Rigsitry Hive into. Then give it a name such as Import. This imported Hive will show up in the Registry tree and you can edit it like any normal hive. After you have finished editing, then go to File and click on Unload Hive to save the edited hive.

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    You will obviously backup your Registry before doing anything, but think of it as opening a document in a word processor, editing it and saving the changes. Incase you dont make any changes, then the imported registry hive is unloaded with no changes to its original location, and your registry is unchanged. Because you are giving the imported registry hive a name, not normal in the registry, example, "Import", even if you left it unloaded, it will not figure since no program or setting is going to point to a key called "Import". When the loaded ("imported" hive is loaded, you can examine it, edit it, or export keys out of it to be copied to the currently active registry. But, export your current registry, just in case.

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    Did you try creating another user account on your computer and checking if Remote Assistance works under that account. Incase your ISP allows you to make more than one email account, then you can create a new email account and assign that account in Outlook Express for the new user. After that check if you can establish a Remote assistance session between your laptop and PC.

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