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Thread: Uninstall Vista and Reinstall XP

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    Uninstall Vista and Reinstall XP

    I am using a new Laptop that came preinstalled with Windows Vista. I want to use Windows XP on it, so can anyone tell me how to uninstall Vista? Thanks.

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    Re: Uninstall Vista and Reinstall XP

    Before you start, you must have your Windows XP installation CD and the product key available. If you cannot find your Windows XP CD or you cannot contact your computer manufacturer, you may have to purchase a new copy of Windows XP. You can get more information on how to install or upgrade to Windows XP from here -

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    Re: Uninstall Vista and Reinstall XP

    You will need to format the hard drive and install the new Operating System in your computer, which is the normal way to uninstall any OS. Installing Windows XP can take up to two hours. To make the process more manageable, it has been broken up into several sections. Get more information here -

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    This is the most god awful thing I've ever seen.

    Slower than a snail, can't do 2 things at one time, everything stops moving but the mouse. I can't install themes on the browser I use, I'm STUCK with VISTA themes.

    I'd love to put my foot thru this computer.

    My next puter will be a MAC.

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    I bought a laptop, right before the Vista release and foolishly used the free upgrade :(

    So now I am stuck with no wireless modem, the fingerprint security doesn't work, as well as some other issues, {not to mention the game incompatibilities}.

    If I reinstall XP will I be able to use these items again, or are they corrupted?

    hmm I guess I should see if I have all the disks huh.

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    Re: Uninstall Vista and Reinstall XP

    That looks to me that you didn't load the Vista drivers for the hardware, possibly not even the core chipset drivers. Don't expect Vista to have all the drivers; XP sure doesn't, even after what, five years? When building a new XP system, the first step after XP itself is installed is to use the board manufacturer's CD to install the basic drivers so that basic hardware can actually work. There's no reason to think that Vista would work any differently.

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    thanks for your reply :)

    I'm not sure they were, but I did kind of expect it to be yes.

    I have tried searching for the new drivers, but it just says I have the best ones installed.

    Some of the software {the fingerprint one} just isn't compatable with vista, hopefully they may bring something out soon...

    It is frustrating, that's all. The XP did everything I needed it to do, I could run all the software I wanted, and now I can't. Tis my mistake.

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    You should not use the update features for this issue. Just go to the manufacturer's site and locate the drivers manually. Browse to their support pages for your system and look for driver downloads. You should find a choice of OS versions, then the available drivers. Download them all and save them to something like CD, as you will need them later.

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