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Thread: Blue Screen 0x0000007A

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    Blue Screen 0x0000007A

    I am having HP Pavilion laptop and getting the above error which is running on Windows XP SP2. The pc runs fine for about 10 minutes and then the error shuts it down. It will run longer when running on battery power. I did a search on this issue and found the ms stop error page but that didnt help me. So can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks.

    technical information

    ***STOP: 0x0000007a(oxco3eac70,oxc000000e,0xfab1c130,0x096f b860)
    ***atapi.sys-address fac1c130

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    Re: Blue Screen 0x0000007A

    Can you try to use the check disk command for any errors on hard disk:
    1. Click Start.
    2. In search window type 'cmd' and ENTER. Right click and select 'Run as administrator'.
    3. Type at the command prompt CHKDSK /P and press ENTER to scan the disk.
    4. Then type CHKDSK C: /F /R and press ENTER to repair corrupt sectors, if there are any.

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    Re: Blue Screen 0x0000007A

    can harddrive can be source on this blue screen on hp nc8220 laptop since when i remove some files bocome ok when add make blue screen
    2.Is there any tool i can use to repair hdd

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    This issue can occur if you have the UlraDMA66/ATA66 (80 wire/40 pin) IDE cable attached to the drive that you are trying to install Windows 2000 on. Windows 2000 does not fully support the UltraDMA66 controller. For more information visit this website -

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