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Thread: Puzzled about laptop power schemes settings...

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    Puzzled about laptop power schemes settings...

    I am having a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop with me .I am having some problem with the battery output. I am confused which power scheme to apply. First I had ignored the same and configured Maximum performance. The laptop works fine. But now the battery is draining very fast. I keep the laptop in sleep mode most of the time. Does there is any good power scheme that can help me to run the laptop for more longer period.

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    Re: Puzzled about laptop power schemes settings...

    Power Scheme is provided on the basis of your need. When you keep on maximum a number of services on the background are turned off. You can also reduce the laptop brightness and ensure that your wifi is off when you are not using it. I am giving you a link here that has ways to create or delete power plan in a laptop. You can do that manually based on your requirement.

    Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme)

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    RE:Power profiles question

    Power schemes does not help you much. They can save some few minutes of power only. What is the battery capacity of your laptop. If your laptop is new and still you are facing problem with low battery output then it is recommended that you contact the nearest service center. There can be flaw in the battery. Your laptop must give you atleast 4 to 5 hrs of battery output if it is new.

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    Why don't you buy a portable charger or something. Power is one of the most common issue with laptops. If you own a portable charger then it becomes more simpler for you to arrange a temporary source of power output in case of emergency. You must not simply rely on the batter. My old laptop is not able to stand for even 2 hours. And the battery is very costly. But I own a portable charger which is well enough to some extent.

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