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Thread: "shellmanager database is corrupt or missing"

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    "shellmanager database is corrupt or missing"


    I have a Dell computer running with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Its configuration is Intel P4 @2.8GHz and 1 GB RAM. I use this PC for my professional work that is video editing, DVD authoring, and managing music database. Now there is a problem. Whenever I try burning Audio CDs I use to get buffer underruns and coasters. Usually this happens when I try burning at more than 8x speed.

    And when I lower the speed from 8x, though the process gets completed successfully and "data verification" says OK, but I notice there use to be skips and gaps in the playback audio. Iím using Nero 7 and I thought the cause behind this problem would be Nero 7 itself. So I thought re-installing the same may help me. I removed Nero but when I try to re-install it again, I use to get error message saying "shellmanager database is corrupt or missing" and installation fails.

    Please help.

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    Re: "shellmanager database is corrupt or missing"

    This is because though you removed Nero 7, it has left some traces on the system which is conflicting while re-installation. Hence what you need to do is run Disc Cleaner or download Nero uninstaller tool from web. Clean the pc and then try to install Nero again.

    It will work without any problem.

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